Much of this site is all about providing honest, ethical, and detailed reviews of home gym workout equipment, tools, and workout routines that are meant for anyone who is interested in their health and fitness.

It’s pretty fair to say that none of us like to waste money, so the first step when looking at purchasing that new bit of workout equipment or home gyms is to Google around for some reviews. Sounds fair enough, right?

There’s just one thing! Most reviews you find are not real. They are just collecting affiliate commissions or they are affiliated with the product in some way. This means that you don’t actually get honest reviews; Ever product is 10/10 and “great”, and all about the “buy it now!” is different. We simply give honest opinions on every item we review. Yes, it means we could miss out on some sales. We get the products we review (or catch a free trial period if one is offered) to give accurate and honest reviews. All my reviews include detailed pictures and videos where appropriate.

How do we make money from this website? It’s simple – the products we review and do recommend, we include an affiliate link. If you purchase through our affiliate link, then I get this site will get the commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you’ll be helping me maintain this honest web real estate stranded in a web of alleyways. We also make a small additional sum from sponsors, banner advertisements etc

When we review an item and find it sub-par, we will not not an affiliate link. We would want to recommend products that we wouldn’t use, ourselves.